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We have set up and Managed Sales and Lead Generation Advertising Campaigns for both service and product-based Businesses across niches like Real Estate, eCommerce, Health/Beauty, and Fashion as shown in the results below.

Targeted Facebook Ad
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Bridget 98 leads
60 plus purchase

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We Generate Sales and Quality Leads for Our Clients Using Data-Driven Campaigns

At Jote Digital Technologies Ltd, we specialize in crafting an effective online campaign strategy to boost lead generation and drive significant sales for your business through Targeted Facebook, Instagram, and Google Campaigns. Our goal is to help you achieve Higher Revenue and Profit without overspending on ads. Partner with us to grow your business and maximize your ROI.

No matter your objective whether it is getting more customers to see your product or service, capturing leads, enhancing brand awareness, Building a YouTube audience, or boosting conversions(Sales) — our  Targeted Facebook, Instagram, and Google ads Campaigns are tailored to help you accomplish your sales goals effectively.

Our Proven Step-by-Step Process for Delivering Jaw-Dropping Results to Our Valued Clients!

Understanding Your Business Goals:

During this process, we will engage in detailed discussions with you to gain a comprehensive understanding of your business and marketing objectives.

Strategy and Plan:

Building upon our grasp of the business goals, our next step involves devising strategies and creating an actionable plan to attain these objectives.

Keyword Research:

We will conduct professional keyword research to eliminate uncertainties and precisely target your ideal customers.

Landing Page/Sales Page Review:

We will Thoroughly review and test your landing page to ensure compliance with Google and Facebook's policies to achieve your sales goals.

Campaign Set Up:

We will craft compelling ad copies and creative designs to launch a targeted campaign with a primary focus on aligning them with your desired outcomes.

Tracking Implementation:

Precisely implementing Google ads conversion tracking to effectively measure campaign performance.

Management & Optimization:

Daily management and optimization of the campaigns to continuously enhance their performance.

Reporting & Analysis:

Providing comprehensive and accurate reports and analysis of campaign performance throughout the management period.

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Facebook/Instagram, Google, and YouTube Ads

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