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Jote Digital Technologies Ltd is duly registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission(CAC). We focus on training and empowering small businesses and Individuals with Digital Skills to help them succeed.

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Embrace Our Digital Marketing Course Today and Unleash the Power of Tomorrow's Marketing Landscape! In an ever-evolving digital world, staying ahead is not just an option – it's essential.

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Here's an overview of what you'll be able to do at the end of the Course

Overview of Your Course Outline

01. Introduction To Digital Marketing(₦20,000 value)

Course Overview (What You Will Learn) Introduction To Digital Marketing Customer Avatar Development and Sales Funnel Mapping

02. Social Media Management(₦25,000 value)

Introduction To Social Media Management Social Media Copywriting Social Media Strategy development Audience Engagement & Monitoring

03. Graphics Design with Canva(₦15,000 value)

Introduction To Graphics Design with Canva Flyer, Logo, banner, etc. Design With Canva

04. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)(₦75,000 value)

Introduction To SEO On-page SEO Off-page & Technical SEO
Google Analytics & Google Search Console

05. Website Design & Development(₦75,000 value)

Introduction To Website Design You Will Design An E-commerce, Company & Real Estate Website You Will Design Your Landing Pages, Sales Pages, and Funnels Etc.

06. Facebook Ads(₦30,000 value)

Introduction To Facebook Ads Ads Manager, Business Manager, Campaign, Adset, Ads, Pixel Etc. Setup Secret Of Making Sales With FaceBook Ads

07. Instagram Ads(₦30,000 value)

Introduction To Facebook Ads Ads Manager, Business Manager, Campaign, Adset, Ads, Pixel Etc. Setup Secret Of Making Sales With Instagram Ads

08. Google Ads(₦35,000 value)

Intro To Google Ads Keyword Research, Conversion tracking, Writing Your Ad, Budget Optimization,Ad Extensions Secret Of Making Sales With Google Ads

09. Youtube Ads(₦25,000 value)

Intro To YouTube Ads Youtube Ads Setup Secret Of Making Sales With YouTube Ads

10. Email Marketing(₦70,000 value)

Intro. To Email Marketing Email List & Autoresponder Setup Email Automation, Open Rate, Click-Through-Rate(CTR) Secret Of Making Sales With Email Marketing

11. Copywriting(₦40,000 value)

Intro To Copywriting Email, Landing Page & Sales Funnel Copywriting Blog Writing

12. Website Performance Tracking(₦60,000 value)

Website Performance Tracking | Google Search Console | Google Analytics | Generate XML Site Map for Your Website

Total Value: ₦500,000

But guess what, you won’t even pay half(50%) of the total value for this training. Won’t even charge you (25%) of the ₦500,000 Course value.

Here’s What We’ve Decided  and In The Spirit of  Independence !

Hurry Up and Pay


For Early Bird Registration

Digital Marketing Resources and Bonuses Worth over $1000

Eight Premium Themes from Themeforest:(Worth Over $ 500 in value)

Access to a carefully curated selection of high-quality themes for website development. These themes are versatile, responsive, and designed to give your online projects a professional edge. Themes cover a range of industries and styles to suit your specific needs.

2. Over 300 Templates from Themeforest:(Worth Over $ 250 in value)

A vast library of templates for websites, landing pages, and email marketing campaigns. These templates will save you time and effort in designing eye-catching and effective digital assets. Templates are fully customizable to align with your brand and marketing goals.

3. Over 20 High-Converting Landing Pages:(Worth Over $ 200 in value)

Ready-made landing page templates that have proven to convert visitors into customers. Use these landing pages to boost your lead generation and sales efforts. Each landing page is optimized for performance and user engagement.

These are a Few of The Themes and Templates You’ll Have Access To

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Course Duration & Schedule

Classes Hold Twice Weekly-Thursdays & Saturdays

One-Time Payment

Pay once and have access to the full course, bonuses and resources.
  • Pay once and have access to the full course, bonuses and resources.

Frequently Asked Questions


Our program is designed with a comprehensive structure that includes modules covering fundamental concepts to advanced strategies in digital marketing. It involves interactive lectures, hands-on practical sessions, case studies, and assessments to ensure a well-rounded learning experience.



Our program is tailored to accommodate a wide range of learners, from beginners to those with some prior knowledge. Whether you’re new to digital marketing or seeking to enhance your existing skills, our training program offers levels suitable for all, with personalized guidance and support.


Participants will have access to a variety of support mechanisms, including dedicated mentors, discussion forums, live Q&A sessions, and a comprehensive library of digital marketing resources. Additionally, we offer practical assignments, real-world projects, and feedback to ensure an enriching learning journey.


Yes, upon successful completion of the program and meeting the assessment criteria, you will receive a recognized certification. This credential will authenticate your proficiency in digital marketing and enhance your credibility in the job market, facilitating career growth and opportunities.


Our program stands out due to its structured curriculum, live interactive sessions, expert guidance, practical application through projects, and industry-relevant insights. While free online resources are valuable, our paid program offers a guided, mentor-supported learning experience that accelerates your understanding and application of digital marketing concepts.

Our Money-Back Guarantee

We are confident in the value and quality of our digital marketing training program. If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with the course and feel that it did not meet your expectations within the first 30 days of enrollment, we offer a no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.

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